Red, White, and Blue Shrimp and Grits

It's Fourth of July weekend and I have the perfect dish for your holiday brunch! Last Christmas, our great friends at Geechie Boy gave me a delicious gift of his heirloom Jimmy Red corn grits. We quickly planned our Christmas morning breakfast around it. Since that day, my girls have been talking about how they were the most delicious grits ever. 

Last week when I asked my oldest, Caroline, what she wanted me to cook for her birthday supper, she responded with zero hesitation, "I want shrimp and Jimmy Red corn grits!" I told her that was a tall order because they are so hard to find, but I would make a call and see what I could do.

Within two days we not only had a delivery of Jimmy Red corn grits, but Greg also brought us some white and blue corn grits!  My girls loved making all three and serving the red, white, and blue grits piled with Magwood shrimp for Caroline's 12th Birthday celebration. Thanks to Greg and all our friends at Geechie Boy for making such delicious Southern fare!

See how I prepare creamy grits here.

One of the perks of my job is getting to know such wonderful and friendly people!
— Carrie