Suppers Outside the South

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We're going to Provence, France and you're invited!

I am beyond excited to announce Suppers Outside the South tours – a family journey through Provence – that I've curated with the team at  Premier Tours & Travel Global! In this tour, you’ll join my family and me as we travel through Provence, a region in southern France picturesquely nestled between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, and the historic Rhône River. Each morning will start with a French lesson at our boutique hotel, Domaine des Clos and the rest of the day will be filled with delicious food and wine, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing adventures.

Traveling as a family is so important because it shows us all other parts of the world and how we, as humans, are all connected by food and shared experiences. It’s something my family has done together since our girls were little. My family loves to eat and entertain, so the Suppers Outside the South tour with Premier Tours & Travel is something we are excited to dive into.

I think we all have a zest for life and a hunger to try new things. Seeing, doing, and eating new things all together is such a unique experience! We appreciate different cultures by experiencing their food, language, and culture. While it may be different from our Southern American culture, food is ultimately a universal language that we all can understand!

Click here to view a full schedule of Suppers Outside the South and ticket information. We hope you can join us!

Credit: top: © Bell; bottom: Kathleen Cantner, AGI; globe: AGI/NASA

Image Credit: Credit: top: © Bell; bottom: Kathleen Cantner, AGI; globe: AGI/NASA