Asian Turkey Noodle Soup

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We're putting all that turkey meat to use with this tasty Asian turkey noodle soup. This recipe is super easy. Take the strained stock and add the below ingredients and let it simmer. Perfect for warming up on a chill evening.

Asian Turkey Noodle Soup


    - Turkey stock and turkey meat - A healthy measure of fish sauce and soy sauce - Fresh ginger, minced - Green onions, chopped - Juice of one lime - Mushrooms, any type will work - Bean sprouts - Bok choy - Rice noodles


    1. Place the turkey stock and above ingredients into a pot, leaving the meat aside. 1. Bring to a boil and then cut down to simmer for 30 minutes. 1. Add the shredded or chopped turkey breast meat for the final 10 minutes of the simmer 1. Serve with freshly torn cilantro, mint, and lime wedges