Baking Up Creativity • Callie's Create Kit Collaboration with Art by Natalie Taylor Gets Kids into the Kitchen

From Carrie Morey's hot little suppers cookbook

The Callie's Create Kit was designed for summer time! It includes eight activities and coloring placemats for kids 4+, as well as our Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, Shortcake Biscuit Mix, and cutter set. Get ready to be inspired and bake up creativity this summer!
Baking Up Creativity • Callie's Create Kit Collaboration with Art by Natalie Taylor Gets Kids into the Kitchen

The Callie's Create Kit

    The Callie's Create Kit was designed to bake up creativity in the kitchen! Get inspired by lowcountry scenes of artist Natalie Taylor Humphrey in this activity kit including: eight activities and coloring placemats for kids 4+, as well as our Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, Shortcake Biscuit Mix, and cutter set.

Callie's Create Kit

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit started because our founder, Carrie, wanted to have a career in the food world, but didn't want to give up her time at home as a full time mom. Our hot little biz started as online-only with only one product: the Country Ham Biscuit. As Carrie's daughters grew, so did the business... but there is one thing that we are rooted in family and supporting our children. 

We've always dreamed of ways to bring the Callie's culture into the homes of the families that shop our products. We love to see everyone dressed in their Be a Biscuit tees and tagging their favorite products on social media. We love creating new products that only include the best ingredients possible. We love keeping a culture that our daughters (and sons) would be proud of.  

This summer, we are launching our very first Callie's Create Kit – a baking-inspired activity kit for kids including a set of limited edition, “coloring-book” placemats designed by lowcountry artist, Natalie Taylor Humphrey of Art By Natalie Taylor

As a South Carolina native and lowcountry fine artist and owner of the grocery store, Hum Grocery on Wadmalaw Island (Hum Grocery), Natalie drew inspiration for each placemat from her surroundings here in the lowcountry. Each piece of art tells a story about the lowcountry – from sunny beach days with blue crabs, a basket full of local berries, or a tabletop with seasonal florals and vintage china – just like the china in Carrie's home!  


"Nature gives us beautiful fruits + flowers that are meant to be consumed to better sustain life. I paint to capture some of that organic energy in hopes to rejuvenate those who view my art." -Natalie

Callie's Create Kit

Callie's Create Kit

Each placemat comes in black and white – ready for kids to color the drawings into their own masterpiece! Placemats also include an activity to challenge kids to get creative throughout the summer (and help with those rainy day blues!). The activities include: 

  • Biscuit Making & Flower Picking (a lesson in giving appreciation)
  • Sip & Search Word Search 
  • Cut & Color Biscuit Vision Goggles 
  • Write a letter to make the day better (a templated letter for a friend)
  • Snack & Share Tic Tac Toe
  • Recipes such as Make Your Own Callie's Hot Little Biscuit sandwich (a DIY activity with parental supervision), How to Make Your Own Butter, Make Your own Biscuit Berry Nest 
The activities included come with instructions on how to get started and is paired with a coloring-book placemat. Display the colored placemat as art on the refrigerator or use it at breakfast with your hot and ready Callie's Hot Little Biscuits! 

Callie's Create Kit

The Callie’s Create Kit

  • Set of 8 activity-book placemats designed by lowcountry artist, Natalie Taylor 
  • Buttermilk Biscuit Mix 
  • Shortcake Biscuit Mix
  • Biscuit Cutter Set 
We've make summer simple! We provide the indoor summer activity book, all you need to supply is a box of crayons, colored pencils, or markers… and get ready for some fun! Think of this like your own personal summer camp 2022!

About Natalie Taylor 

Natalie Taylor Humphrey is a contemporary artist living on Charleston's Wadmalaw Island. She loves to paint people, flowers, fruits + foods. Natalie and her husband, Andrew, also own Hum Grocery, a small store on the island. The Artist believes it is vital to nourish the body with good foods + feed the soul with inspiring art. Exploration of nature's deep connection with the human experience can be seen in Nat's bohemian art creations.

Fun Facts: 

  • Natalie's former art studio on King St. was above Callie's Hot Little Biscuit! The smell of freshly baked biscuits would lure her downstairs after an all-nighter of painting and serve as her morning treat!
  • She misspelled "BISCUITS" in her school's spelling bee!
  • You can purchase her original artwork + Callie's Hot Little Biscuit products at Hum Grocery store!

Art by Natalie Taylor

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Callie's Create Kit

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Hot Little Tip

Natalie's Tip: We source fresh, local ingredients for our grocery store in Wadamalaw Island. When you are making the recipes in this kit, look to your local mom & pop grocery store or local farm to source ingredients straight from your hometown!