The sofi™ Award

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Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation

The Specialty Food Association has been honoring the best products in the industry since 1972. Receiving a sofi™ award is a huge honor. Winning a sofi™ gives your product brand credibility and respect within the industry. The Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows are an opportunity for companies to showcase their creations and share what they love with distributors, specialty food stores, the press, and many more. In the past, the summer show opened with the sofi™ award show. Of course, the winners display their trophies with pride!

We won our first sofi™ in 2008 with our Cheese and Chive biscuit.  Since then, we have received four more golds, twelve silvers, and one best new product (a new category this year). One of my favorite parts of the show is seeing (and tasting) all of the fabulous products. I love seeing other local flares make their mark in the industry. It makes me incredibly proud of the South. Shout out to Bittermilk for their multiple wins this year! Here is a list of this year's winners. Congrats y'all!

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