Homemade Valentine's "Pop-Tarts"

From Carrie Morey's hot little suppers cookbook

"I am hoping that maybe my girls can whip up a batch and pamper me with breakfast and coffee in bed. Now that is true love!"~Carrie
Homemade Valentine's


    final poptarts

    Pop-tarts were one of my top 5 favorite kid foods. I would beg for them at the grocery store! There is something about the delicious fruit-filled pastry that I couldn't get enough of. Especially when toasted...so warm and buttery, a bit salty yet sweet... my mouth is watering.

    I have always loved Pop-tarts but honestly, I refuse to buy them for my girls! I know, I know, but they are full of artificial sugar and so addictive it is better that we don't have them in the house.

    This Valentine's Day we are going to make a super simple version of Pop-tarts together! 

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