Rise Tall With Us

Be a Biscuit

Rise tall. Be warm and buttery on the inside. Be open to anyone's jam. Be a Biscuit. 

The "Be a Biscuit" motto encourages us to be confident, kind toward ourselves and others, and accepting of all. We all know that biscuits rise taller in the oven when they touch on the tray. We believe that when we stand together as a united humankind, we will rise taller. 

We have aligned our motto with Just Be You, a nonprofit striving to build confidence in youths through self-compassion. When we teach confidence, kindness, and equality at a young age, we build a better future for our society. Be a Biscuit charitable campaigns support the charities below. 

15 Biscuit Recipes

The Digital Cookbook

Join us in celebrating all kinds of biscuits and their creators as a part of 2020’s National Biscuit Month. As you scroll through each page, you’ll meet 15 food lovers and creators that share the appreciation of a handmade biscuit. Each digital cookbook contribution will be donated to the Be a Biscuit campaign charities.  

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