Crackers & Wafers

Elevate the Everyday with Artisan Biscuit Crackers & Wafers. Introducing a line of artisanal crackers inspired by our best selling biscuits, including the Sea Salt Biscuit Cracker and new flavors, Sharp Cheddar and Everything Seasoning, and savory Cheese Wafers.

Our simple-ingredient promise takes the traditional cracker to a new level, with key ingredients like our award winning biscuit dough, real sharp cheddar cheese, and flakey sea salt. These biscuit crackers originated as a way to reuse leftover biscuit dough that was too tough to turn into a tender, fluffy biscuit.  

Get the scoop on how culinary experts are serving this artisan cracker in our blog post, A Chef's Guide to Biscuit Crackers. , or take advice directly from our founder, Carrie Morey in her post Artisan Ways to Top Your Cracker for Your Next Party.  

Strong enough to hold your heartiest dip, our biscuit crackers are the perfect vessel to hold creamy cheese dips, salty caviar, or even a chunky winter chili. Packed with enough flavor to be a standalone snack, they just might change the way you dip. Or don't.