Cast Iron S'mores

From Carrie Morey's Hot Little Suppers cookbook

Cast Iron S'mores


  • • 6oz Milk Chocolate & Semi Sweet Chocolate (mixed)
  • • 1 Bag of Marshmallows
  • • Graham Crackers, for topping & dipping

Cast Irons Smores
Cast Irons Smores

This one is a treat! I love s'mores, but when the weather does not cooperate, I like to bake them inside. This super easy, one dish dessert is a fun addition to any grazing board. I even love to make a "party trick" out of it by waiting until my guests arrive to use my torch lighter before presenting it on the dessert table. 

I used my Smithey Ironware No. 6 Skillet for this dish. You all already know that I am a big cast iron girl... I love the small size for desserts and dips! It is perfect for a grazing board or a mid-week pick me up dessert. 

Cast Irons Smores

Grazing Board


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Bake the milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate in your cast iron until melted. 
  3. Top with marshmallows and place into oven for about 10 minutes, until marshmallows are melty and bubbling. 
  4. Remove from oven, and use a torch lighter to crisp the top of your marshmallows (like a camp fire!). 
  5. Top with chocolate chips and crumbled graham crackers. 
  6. Serve with graham crackers, Cocoa & Cream Cookies, or fresh fruit. 

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Smithey Ironware No. 6 Skillet 


Hot Little Tip

Use a kitchen torch lighter as a "party trick"! Guests will love watching the marshmallows melt before diving into this sweet dessert!