A Chef's Guide to Biscuit Crackers

From Carrie Morey's Hot Little Suppers cookbook

Thank you, chefs! 
A Chef's Guide to Biscuit Crackers

Featuring Culinary Experts:

  • Mike Lata
  • Petra Bergstein
  • Amethyst G
  • Tess Atwood
  • Lauren Furey
  • Julie Tanous
  • Jacque Larson

For decades, I'd been on the lookout for an artisan cracker that could pair perfectly with our pimento cheese. Searching high and low, I never found the "perfect" cracker. It needed to be hearty enough to hold the creamy dip, but also perfectly crisp and salty.

It wasn't until 2022 when we launched small-batch, handmade biscuit crackers right out of our North Charleston bakery. While we knew we had something truly special on our hands, we couldn't have imagined the customer response would be just as excellent. 

In 2024, we launched our artisan biscuit cracker line with new flavors – sea salt, sharp cheddar, and everything seasoning. I asked my friends in the culinary community to taste test them and share feedback. 

Here's how the culinary community serves our artisan biscuit crackers:

Chef Mike Lata Fish Pate

Chef Mike Lata serves with Smoked Fish Pâté

I'd like to introduce you to my talented friend, Chef Mike Lata. Chef Lata is renowned for his Charleston restaurants, FIG and The Ordinary. He paired our artisan biscuit crackers with his Smoked Fish Pâté.

"This is a staple on the menu at The Ordinary, where we smoke all kinds of local fish. If you are not looking to smoke your own fish at home, it is easy to recreate this recipe with prepared smoked trout from your local gourmet grocery store." 

Find Chef Mike Lata's recipe here


Biscuit Crackers & Caviar

"The crackers enhance its buttery, creamy flavors with a perfect balance of not-too-saltiness." - Petra Bergstein

Petra Bergstein serves with Caviar & Roe

The Caviar Co. founder Petra Bergstein states, "I've fallen in love with biscuit crackers! The Sea Salt flavor pairs beautifully (of course) with our Classic White Sturgeon caviar, which we lovingly call "sea butter". The crackers enhance its buttery, creamy flavors with a perfect balance of not-too-saltiness. I was so excited to try the new Sharp Cheddar and Everything Seasoning flavors, and as I'd hoped, a spoonful of our Smoked Trout Roe complements both flavors impeccably– simply a must-try combo! It's safe to say that these crackers disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived. Our office is obsessed!" 

Find Carrie's Caviar Co. biscuit cracker recipe here


Farmers Board Dip Trio

Simple Provisions serves on Farmers Boards

Our friends Tess Atwood & Blake McCormick of Simple Provisions Private Dining have "enjoyed utilizing them alongside our crudités and dip boards as well as farmers boards... served alongside rather than with something on top as we want them to hold their crunch!"

Build a southern farmers board with this starter kit! 


Chef Amethyst G is all about the dips!

Chef, recipe developer, and food writer, Amethyst G suggests a smear of honey or strawberry jam (her favorite biscuit toppings) on the Sea Salt Biscuit Cracker. For the Cheddar? She heats things up with a buffalo chicken dip! Lastly, she'd pair our Everything Cracker with a sour cream and onion dip. 

Order local Carolina honey here.
Find Carrie's buffalo cauliflower dip recipe here

Smoked Salmon Everything Biscuit Cracker

"These biscuit crackers are outrageous. They vanished right before my eyes." - Chef Lauren Furey

Chef Lauren Furey gets creative – the possibilities are endless! 

Chef Furey states,"These biscuit crackers are outrageous. They vanished right before my eyes. They are delicious as they are, and there are many ways I'd serve them to guests." Having her tasting notes handy is a value in itself! As a culinary artist, she gets creative with each of our cracker flavors. Her pairing suggestions include:

Everything Cracker served with 

  • A dollop of crème fraîche and smoked salmon. 
  • Whipped ricotta or creamy goat cheese and hint of lemon zest
  • Chicken Salad 

Sea Salt Cracker served with

  • Butterbean Hummus
  • Pimento Cheese
  • Bacon Jam
  • Halved Pickled Shrimp 

Sharp Cheddar (her personal favorite!) served with

  • Mixed into a party mix with nuts, pretzels, and chex
  • Dipped into queso

Pro tip from Lauren: Save any leftover crumbles at the bottom of the bag and repurpose them! She suggests

  • Crushed up into crab cake mixture instead of panko/breadcrumbs
  • Pulsed in a food processor with grated parmigiano reggiano and lemon zest to toss into a salad (more evenly distributed crunch than croutons!)
  • Crushed atop creamy broccoli-cheddar soup
  • Crushed up and made into a crust for a cheesy quiche
  • Incorporated into meatballs (great Super Bowl snack)

Find recipes for Smoked Salmon Biscuit Crackers and more here.


Julie Tanous Smoked Trout Dip
Photo by Eva Kolenko Photography

Julie Tanous serves with her Smoked Trout Dip

Recipe developer and cookbook author, Julie Tanous, would pair the artisan cracker with her Smoked Trout Dip from her latest cookbook with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Food Between Friends


Crackers & Hummus

Chef Jacque Larson serves with Butterbean Puree

Chef Jacque Larson's Butterbean Puree is one of the many must-have items on the menu at his restaurant, The Obstinate Daughter. He agreed that the biscuit crackers would go very well with his must-have appetizer. 

"Me and the fam really enjoyed all of them....especially the everything flavor!"


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