The Callie's Way: Our Biscuit Size

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My Grandmama always said, "it's not ladylike to eat a big biscuit." When I heard those words as a child, I didn't understand what Grandmama was talking about. Who wouldn't want a big biscuit? If being ladylike was the price at stake, I was more than willing to forgo that label. Over the years I developed a deep appreciation for the power of a small biscuit and even for the finer points of ladylike behavior - most of the time. What's crazy is that our family tradition of small biscuits has turned into something bigger than Grandmama or I could ever have imagined.

The biscuits that we ship to your door are about 2 inches by 2 inches with the exception of our Cocktail Ham biscuits which are a smaller "cocktail" size. Our biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your weeknight suppers, holiday tables, and party appetizers. The possibilities are endless with numerous accoutrements and recipes. Explore the blog for some delicious ideas on how to serve our biscuits!


          "Grandmama always said, "It's not ladylike to eat a big biscuit." We believe you shouldn't have to use two hands to enjoy good food." -Carrie