Summer Staples

Our line of seasonal staples are perfect for the hot heat of the Low Country, and afar!

When you're looking for Father's Day gift ideas or asking yourself what southern staples and party food to serve at your next summer party or picnic, we have you covered with our line of pimento cheese, crackers, cheese crisps, cookies, and more. 

Celebrations are special in the spring and summer seasons. Foodies in the U.S. are always looking for the perfect Memorial Day food ideas, 4th of July food ideas, and Labor Day food ideas. Our line of healthy summer snacks are perfect for munching or gifting. Pair our award-winning pimento cheese (that uses only the highest quality ingredients, including hand-shredded cheese) with our artisan Sea Salt Biscuit Crackers for the perfect "throw in the cooler" boat snack! Looking for summer snacks for kids? Try a pimento cheese sandwich on white bread (or on a biscuit) or delight in a rich Cocoa & Cream Cookies

For those looking to DIY Father's Day gift baskets or the perfect dessert for Labor Day, we love our Shortcake Biscuit Mix because it is so versatile. Click here for a round-up of our favorite sweet treats made from our Shortcake Biscuit Mix.