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Grown Up Goat Cheese Dip & Biscuit Crostini

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Grown Up Goat Cheese Dip & Biscuit Crostini

With fall weather (slowly) coming around the corner and football season in full swing, I wanted to create a new dip to pair our buttermilk biscuits. Biscuits aren't just for breakfast, remember!

I'm calling this my "Grown Up Goat Cheese" dip & Biscuit Crostini because it feels a bit more elevated from your typical homemade cheese dip, but with less work than what you are used to doing by hand! This dip recipe is truly a "throw and go" one pot dish that can even be made on a fire during a football tailgate or camp out. Simply dice your tomatoes, onion, herbs, and garlic into a cast iron skillet and let the flavors roast for fifteen minutes. While the tomato mixture is roasting (and starting to smell magical in your kitchen), cut your Callie's Hot Little Biscuit frozen buttermilk biscuits in half and place them on a half sheet tray until browned and crispy. After about fifteen minutes, add your goat cheese to your cast iron skillet and let roast for fifteen more minutes. To serve, add arugula and stir. Top your biscuit crostinis with the cheese dip and enjoy! 

This dip was inspired by a trip to NYC with my daughter Caroline – the tomatoes are slow roasted in garlic and the goat cheese creates a tangy dip that just melts in your mouth! Pro Tip: If you are not a goat cheese person, sub out for your favorite soft cheese!
Grown Up Goat Cheese Dip & Biscuit Crostini
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Grown Up Goat Cheese Dip & Biscuit Crostini


    - 4 cloves garlic - 1 pint cherry tomatoes (heirloom), washed and sliced - 2 tbsp Herbs de Provence - 1/2 onion, chopped - 1/3 cup olive oil - 8 oz goat cheese (or cheese of your choice) - One dozen buttermilk biscuits


    1. Combine garlic, tomatoes, onion, herbs, olive oil into a cast iron skillet 1. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes 1. Cut your biscuits in half, sandwich style, and toast in same oven until crisp and slightly browned on top. 1. After the tomato mixture has roasted for 15 minutes, add goat cheese and let roast for another 15 minutes. 1. Remove biscuits and tomato mixture from oven and add 2 cups of arugula to the mixture. Stir. 1. Top your biscuit crostini's with the cheese dip - enjoy!

      "This dip was inspired by a trip to NYC with my daughter Caroline – the tomatoes are slow roasted in garlic and the goat cheese creates a tangy dip that just melts in your mouth!" - Carrie 

      Smoked Tomato Remoulade Recipe – paired with Caroline's Cakes Crab Cakes!

      Posted by Callies Biscuits on

      Carrie Morey's Smoked Tomato Remoulade paired with Crab Cakes

      Crab cakes are one of my and my father’s favorite things, and my girls love to crab. We go to my mother’s dock and tie chicken necks to long pieces of string. Then we toss them out in the water and wait to feel the tug and bump of a crab on the chicken neck. Slowly, patiently, we pull the line in, little by little, until we can just make out the body of the crab, and someone scoops it up from behind with a net. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of crab to make crab cakes, so a day of crabbing provides plenty.

      This tomato remoulade is one of my favorite things to pair with crab cakes. Don’t let the smoking part of the remoulade recipe scare you off. It’s super easy and so delicious. You don’t have to have a smoker. You can smoke the tomatoes on a charcoal grill—the juices from the tomatoes landing on the coals will create smoke. You can even substitute two tomatoes from a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, but they won’t have the same depth of smoky flavor.

      This fall, we've paired this Hot Little Suppers (coming October 19th) recipe with Caroline's Cake's shipped Crab Cake bundle. In every order, you'll get out Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Buttermilk Biscuits and my recipe card for the Smoked Tomato Remoulade! 

      Smoked Tomato Remoulade


        - 2 tomatoes (if not smoking, you can substitute 2 tomatoes from a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, drained) - 2 teaspoons dried oregano - Salt and freshly ground coarse black pepper to taste - 4 teaspoons olive oil - 2 cloves garlic, minced (about 2 teaspoons or add more to taste) - 1/2 cup mayonnaise - 1/2 cup sour cream - 1 1/2 teaspoons capers - 1 teaspoon hot sauce


        1. Heat a smoker to 200 degrees. 1. Slice the tomatoes in half. Sprinkle each half with oregano and salt and pepper. Drizzle olive oil on each tomato half. Place the tomato halves face down on the smoker. Smoke for 1 to 2 hours, or until tender and most of the liquid has drained out. 1. Roughly chop the smoked tomatoes and add them to a large bowl. 1. Add the garlic, mayonnaise, sour cream, capers, and hot sauce. Stir to combine. 1. Serve immediately with crab cakes or cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator until ready to use.

          A sneak peek into my new cookbook, Hot Little Suppers! This remoulade is great on crab cakes or even a spread or dip for a sandwich or crudite. - Carrie 

          Tomato Basil Garlic Summer Pasta

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          Pasta, Bucatini, tomatoes, summer supper

          Summer in the South is abundant with tomatoes! I love to go to fresh farm stands and get as many as I can to cook with because they are simply delicious. If you know me then you know I am a *little* obsessed with the local South Carolina tomatoes, so I’m always looking for ways to use them in large quantities for entertaining or supper.

          Even though fall may be fast approaching, Charleston won't cool down until October or November. This chilled bucatini pasta is perfect for the summer heat and transitional summer to fall weather where you just don't want a hot meal! 

          Tomato Basil Garlic Summer Pasta


            - 8 medium ripe local tomatoes peeled and chopped - 12 cloves of garlic minced - 20 leaves of basil finely chiffonade - 1 cup olive oil - 2 cups of freshly grated parmesan cheese - 1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper - 1 clamshell of arugula - 1 lb of cooked butter beans - 2lb Bucatini pasta


            1. Combine tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, red pepper, arugula and butter beans - let soak in fridge for at least 1 hour 1. Cook pasta 1. Add all ingredients together along with 1 cup of pasta water (if needed) 1. Top with 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese 1. Optional toppings: 2 cups toasted (biscuit) breadcrumbs and chopped basil

              This chilled bucatini pasta is perfect for the summer heat and transitional summer to fall weather where you just don't want a hot meal! 

              Back To School Meal Planning: Ideas for Breakfast and School Lunches

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              Back to School Meal Planning with Carrie Morey

              It is hard to believe that summer time has come and gone. After a year of standing still here in Charleston, my family was thankful to have the chance to do some traveling this summer. Now as September approaches, it is time to get back into a routine! Adjusting the whole family to regular sleep schedules and meals again can be a task, but thankfully we've put together a few of my foolproof tricks to meal prep for the first day of school and beyond! 

              Overnight Crock Pot Carolina Grits

              1. Start Breakfast... at Night!
              Overnight Grits are a go-to in my household. I make mine in a crock pot but you could also use a dutch oven on the stove. In the morning, stir in salt, pepper, and cream or milk; then fill your bowl and top with your favorite accoutrements. My favorites are pimento cheese, crumbled bacon, and whatever fresh herbs I have on hand! 

              Back to School Coffee Teacher Gifts

              2. Get a pep in your step! 
              Our Callie's Biscuit Blend Coffee comes from dark roast beans with a buttery sheen. Pro Tip - I add a pinch of salt to my grounds to enhance the flavor of the full pot of joe! I even love using this dark roast as teacher gifts with a Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Eatery gift card! 

              Back to School Sausage Biscuits for Breakfast

              3. An All-Natural Breakfast Sandwich
              Forgo the microwave! Our new Sausage Biscuitsatisfy the craving of savory, spiced sausage biscuit but without the preservatives. The all-natural patty comes from Jones Dairy Farm, a seventh generation family owned company in Wisconsin. It is fully cooked and made with the highest quality fresh pork and all-natural spices. Simply wrap in foil, reheat in your oven, and hop on the school bus or in the drop off line! 

              Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwiches Ideas for School Lunches

              4. Cut the Crusts Off... That's Right! 
              Everyone knows that pimento cheese tea sandwiches are the perfect appetizer to a Southern dinner party, but did you ever think to put them in your school lunch box? We love them cut into small triangles or in a small dip-able jar with celery and carrots! 

              Cocoa & Cream Cookies All Natural Cookies for Kids

              5. A Gold Star Treat! 
              Our award winning Cocoa & Cream Cookies are truly a treat for the kids... and mom! This hand-rolled cookie dough bakes up a dense dark chocolate cookie that when sandwiched with our fluffy sweet cream center, produces a dessert you'll try to keep stocked for those "gold star" occasions, but will enjoy every day! 


              Whether this year is full of distance education, virtual learning, or cafeteria chaos, we can help make back to school shopping easy with these quick and easy ideas for school lunches and easy breakfast ideas for kids going back to school. Which idea is your favorite? 

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                      "These five back to school basics are essential in my household. We don't go through the school year without them!" - Carrie 

                      How to Make Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

                      Posted by Callies Biscuits on

                      Nothing says summer quite like homemade strawberry shortcake. Nothing says shortcake quite like Callie's Hot Little Shortcake Biscuit Mix. This homemade mix makes for one deliciously easy shortcake recipe.

                      What is shortcake?

                      Shortcake is a crumbly and crisp cake that uses butter to give it a crispy texture when you bite into it. The distribution of the butter amongst the flour is what gives shortcake its unique taste and name. Shortcake is typically paired with strawberries and whipped cream, but there is no reason you can't easily make blueberry shortcake if that is what your taste buds prefer.

                      How to Begin

                      First and foremost, you have to give your berries a little time to get ready. So before you begin to make your shortbread, gather these ingredients:

                      • 1 pound of fresh strawberries (or blueberries)
                      • 2 Tablespoons of Sugar

                      Mix these ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

                      The Shortcake Recipe

                      As Carrie Morey herself points out in this demonstration, you'll probably want to double your recipe to make the whole process worthwhile. In order to do that, you'll need to start with two bags of Callie's Hot Little Shortcake Biscuit Mix and double the recipe:

                      Recipe Yields 12 Biscuits

                      • 1 bag shortcake biscuit mix
                      • 10 tbsp salted butter (divided)
                      • 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 to cup whole milk
                      • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
                      • 1 tablespoon turbinado sugar
                      • 2-inch Biscuit Cutter
                      • Parchment Paper
                      • Rolling Pin
                      • Rimmed Baking Sheet

                      The amount of "wet" ingredients will depend on a lot of factors like temperature and humidity, so adjust as needed.

                      Begin by placing some of your mix into a small bowl. This will be the mix you will use to dip your biscuit cutter in to stop it from sticking. Then, empty the remaining mix into a large mixing bowl. Whisk to fluff up the mix. In another bowl, mix and whisk your vanilla and milk.

                      Take the room temperature butter and begin cutting it into the mix. Use small pieces and work the mix with your hands until it is the same consistency as grated parmesan cheese.

                      Once the mix is combined with the butter, make a little pocket in the middle and slowly add your wet ingredients. Add just enough for it to absorb. You want it to join without having to knead or work it too much. Sprinkle some mix onto your counter and then place the dough down. Roll it out a bit to even out the top, but make sure the dough is still about two fingers high.

                      Now you can begin stamping your biscuits, making sure to coat your tools with the extra mix to prevent sticking. Place your biscuits on a parchment covered sheet and make sure they are touching. You can even use the extra pieces to make yourself some tasty, sweet treats!

                      Brush the tops of the biscuits (and your extra pieces) with melted butter before placing them in a 350-degree oven. You can sprinkle them with some of the turbinado sugar if you want to have a little extra crunch on top.

                      Total bake time will be about 16-18 minutes. At around 10 minutes, turn them to make sure they bake evenly.

                      Putting it All Together

                      Once your biscuits have cooled slightly, split one in half. Place a spoonful of the berries that you had in the fridge on half of the biscuit. Then add a dollop of whipped cream. Place the top of the biscuit back on top of the whipped cream, and repeat the same layers over the top.

                      Your homemade strawberry shortcake biscuits are now ready to serve and enjoy!