Cocoa & Cream Cookies: The Artisan Oreo

From Carrie Morey's Hot Little Suppers cookbook

Cocoa & Cream Cookies: The Artisan Oreo

5 stars from Kimberly:

    "These are life-changing! My Aunt in South Carolina sent me (in California) some boxes to cheer me up during the tough quarantine. The cookies she sent were amazing, the best I've ever had!

Cocoa & Cream Cookies - fondly known by the Morey family as Morey-O's - is a creation made by Callie (Carrie's mom). We roll our preservative-free dough by hand and it bakes into a dense dark chocolate cookie. It sandwiches a fluffy sweet cream filling center, like our own version of the popular Oreo.

As a child, I loved eating this delicious Cocoa & Cream dessert. It was even more special during the holidays when my mom would serve it with pecan mousse and strawberries. They were always very popular and I thought they were too tasty not to share with everyone else.

These frozen Oreo-like treats produce a dessert you'll try to keep stocked for entertaining but enjoy every day! Thaw, enjoy at room temperature, and keep on counter for up to four days (if they last that long)!

Cocoa & Cream Cookies

Great for a garden lunch, beach picnic, or late-night snack. You can eat it alone or add it to other recipes like these:

Make an Ice Box Cake with Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Cocoa & Cream Cookies, whipped cream, fruit, more cookies, and chocolate shavings.

Derby Pie - With Cocoa & Cream Cookies to create a rich, chocolatey pie crust. 

Cocoa & Cream Cookie Waffles -With shortcake biscuit mix and cocoa & cream cookies to get the sweetest dessert or breakfast.

Derby Pie

Don't overlook adding this travel-friendly snack to your dessert or grazing board. Be sure to explore these blogs for inspiration on elevating your snacks for holidays and special events.

Cocoa & Cream Cookies: The Artisan Oreo

Hot Little Tip

Keep these cookies frozen until you are ready to enjoy. Simply thaw enough to take a bite!